Improving quality of life through design

At Mosaic, our innovative approach engages every element of design to create a complete environment — one that reflects the spirit, practical needs and brand of each of our clients. Using unique processes like The Clarity Compass and The Collaborative Blueprint, we develop a deep understanding of your business and how this should translate into a functioning space, as well as the messages that the environment needs to convey. The Cornerstone Assessment can generate pro formas from scratch or develop a detailed, phased project plan. The Value Maximizer inventories clients existing resources, assesses further needs need and creates a gap list, analyzing the best and worst supplier relationships, letting you know where we can help you negotiate better pricing and making recommendations for new partners to save you money.

Mosaic is renowned for its turnkey approach. We understand the complexities of guiding a team through a project, utilizing The Process Navigator, which allows us to relieve our clients of the day-to-day stresses of construction, procurement and installation until the project is completed, on budget and on time.

Internationally known as a champion of innovative senior living and health care design, Mosaic has also won awards for its restaurant and corporate work, and is GSA approved for

Take a look through our portfolio to see how versatile our capabilities truly are. Or if you're ready to get started and want to find out which phase of our copyrighted design process is right for you, click here »

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